Thursday, June 30, 2011

Upcycled Jar Lanterns

I absolutely swoon when I see a romantic string of outdoor jar lanterns! Look at these lovely examples of an old-fashioned summer backyard staple.
Welcome to the Shire! ( I absolutely should have been created a Hobbit.) source:

Antique jars with votive candles. (source: unknown)

Love the different shaped jars and clear and frosted glass! Beautiful. (source: unknown)

Flameless idea, upcycling a sting of white Christmas lights! (source:

Lovely canning jars, using a battery powered votive...hard to tell the difference between the light of a flame and these flameless ones, safer for backyard with kiddos and pets, or anything flameable for that matter:)

 I am working on stringing up my own, safely:) and with my 4 kiddos in probably going battery powered!  These are so simple to make just using any old glass jar and a little twisted wire, then either put in your candle or battery votive, string of lights, Voila! Backyard Awesomeness! Now tor the ladder..eek!

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