Thursday, June 16, 2011

Iron Bed Frames!

IRON BEDS! Sturdy, antique and lovely charm...
I know this may seem like "overkill" on the beds, but what can I say I got my guest room all designed and decorated except for one very important thing...the bed! So with that in mind some fabulous iron bed frame eye candy!

Whimsical and just plain amazing!

Love the simplicity and earthy feel  of this space.

This is the guest room I am hooping to create!

I know, WAAY more than the average iron bed...I am loving the canopy created by just using muslin...the "no-canopy canopy!" Beautiful.

Simple country with a nice pop of periwinkle blue!

This room is so creative! Notice above the two small rectangle shaped windows, how they give the illusion of a large cathedral window by simply hanging decorative windows. Love it!

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