Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beachy-Beachy Bedroom Spruce UP!

 After our lovely trip to the Oregon coast 2 weeks ago, I found myself completely dazzled by the casual, light, coastal feel of the beach house we rented...SO, upon arriving to my "not-so-coastal" home back in Montana, I went to the hardware store and gave our cozy master bedroom a whole new mood! WELCOME TO THE MONTANA BEACH:)
My bedside table complete with alarm clock ( just for looks!) I do not choose to wake up to wild ringing bells:) Sea shell my hubby found of the beach, and my paddle that got a new paint job!

Chest I've had since I was 13 (Christmas gift from my parents) Maybe I should have asked before I white washed it...naaa!  Sea glass, and shells in the vintage jar, tarnished silver candle stick with rustic white candle, and some fabulous vintage books from my ever growing old book collection. (when did I decide to collect musty old books...hmmm:) LOVE THEM!

FREE beach tote, white walls, and the bed hasn't really changed, just gave all the linens a good washing! VIOLA.
I am sleeping sweetly at night, and almost think I can hear the crashing of the waves outside my window...I mean, it is only 703 miles away! :)

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