Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cargo Box Re-do

The $4 Cargo Box!! I love the metal handles, and "cabinet" lid

I just gave this little lovely a good washing  next for a sanding,coat of primer, and some white paint...I am considering using my trusty "cricut" to make a "dress-up box" sign for the lid , but I am open to any fun ideas!

With all the rain we are getting here the outdoor projects are not happening and with my 4 little blessings getting restless... (at least that's my excuse, right?) The  local Good Sam  Thrift Shop was beckoning... We found 2 wigs, a stick horse, vintage wooden building blocks, a picnic basket, 2 feathery boas, and a fabulous $4 wooden cargo box that will soon be debuting as the "dress up box" I could see it as a coffee table later in life maybe too! We played "singin' in the rain" loudly, ate lunch, and listened to the pounding sheets keep they always say in Montana "we need the moisture" (which right now is laughable, and not even funny all at the same time, as flooding is happening all over the valley area:) The kiddos are  enjoying themselves, and I am very thankful today that my family is dry, healthy, and joyful. We are working on fixing the water that is seeping into our old basement today and  praying for flood families. OH! And not to forget...  the Chai is hot frothy and flowing like a the river of water down the street today!

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