Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Vintage Etsy Shop!!

I've been finding curious vintage item's are my fav! There's a few I posted in my hobby shop on ETSY.COM! I'd be tickled if you'd give it a "look~see" click here: My ETSY shop

Cottage "Fuzzies" ~~~do you know what I mean??

So I probably have some explaining to do about my chosen title...let me explain...Every time my eye catches a glimpse of an English cottage, I get the "cottage fuzzies." It's a good thing, a warm and cozy feeling inside:) I just am dazzled by the small yet functional's hard to explain, I better just show you...Get ready for some FUZZIES!!! 
Can you feel the warm fire from the fireplace? The texture of the fabrics, the mod-podge of throw pillows adding that element of extra comfort...that just tempt you to put your arms up kick your feet up and RELAX...
And how about this kitchen low lit, with long shadows deep with conversation, and heart...just love the hearth in here, and the open shelving for all those "special" dishes...mmm.
The picture below is so fuzzy!! From the angles stairway, to the beams on the ceiling, the cushioned window seat, the little closet with angled door under the stairs and the wood floors! Love every inch of this space! 
How about this soaker tub? Feeling the "FUZZIES"??:) Imagine filling this with steaming water, and of course some old world lavendar soap! The sloping walls add lovely history and character...what a retreat...and look at these built in bookshelves!! Wowza, this cottage HAS IT ALL!! Great use of space, I want to grab a hot cup of tea, and grab a few books to get lost in in this small scale, HUGE class cottage library!! FUZZIES!! All the way to my toes! 
And finally, after deep interesting convo around the fireplace, a good read in the library with a cup of tea, and a steamy lavender bath, you can pour yourself into this antique iron bed, pull up your down comforter, and quilt, and dream, dream, dream! 
Hope you enjoyed this little tour as much as I have!! The super fun part is there is a REAL cottage that this movie set cottage was patterned after and for about $1k I could make my dream a reality!! Check it out here...REAL ENGLISH COTTAGE Feeling Cottage Fuzzies again! :) Thanks for stopping by!