Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Day of Summer and I got whitewashed!

It's officially summer, though we have been enjoying some "pre-summer" fun up until today for sure! Summer equals swimsuits, and splashing in the water at our house ( and lemonade and BBQ's:) So today suits are on, and splashing is happening....I of course did not see the draw to a 1 1/2 foot plastic circle pool, or putting on my swimming suit with  my not so beach-body ripped abs:) So out came the white primer, and a whitewash on a few things I have been planning on painting for a while...A lovely rocking chair that was my grandma's (complete with"dusty rose" cushions...bleck!) So off came the cushions, and a coat of primer, and it's in progress to being my favorite place to rock my little redhead! The other items that got a lucky whitewash today were...FREE picnic basket, that came complete with the previous owners name in pen on the top (Lucky!) haha, a bamboo tray that has been sitting in my utility closet far too long, a lovely carved wooden container I bought on craig's list in a group of 6
 ( $10) and a couple of decorative orbs, that didn't match so WHITE! I am excited to see them become something I love to have around, instead of just wish they looked different;) It's a good start!!!

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