Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gently down the stream...

My latest project is still looking for it's permanent home. I picked up a Canoe paddle for $1 gave it a coat of red paint, and used my fabulous birthday cricut (thanks Cy!) to cut out some glossy vinyl letters....<drum roll, please..."Life is but a DREAM." The very last line of the old campfire round favorite, "Row, Row, Row your boat..." It looks great (pic coming) I just think it needs to be hung WAY up on our ceiling, thus needing to get 8 foot ladder into the dining room, and get creative about hanging it up:) All in goood time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Do something creative everyday!

Here's some of my "daily-s"...
Love Blocks! Bought wooden blocks for $.99 each @ the craft store, had the kiddos paint them using white, and red...(they blended and made pink...perfect for V-day!) Then we cut up an old encyclopedia, scrapbooking paper scraps, and the cricut cut out some letters. VOILA! Love them:)

This is a fireplace candle holder I found @ the thrift shop for $15. I really love it, we used it for a romantic ambiance @ dinnertime, but it will soon find a new home in our living room fireplace, as soon as I finish the hard surface for the mantel to sit on.

Toadstool Seat! (more on my blog post $2 Toadstool!) 

Sidebar got whitewashed! Love the difference!

Love Potion #9. Printed vintage label out on sticker paper... 

Snow lady! Complete with baby carrot nose, and black button eyes!

Tea for two! (instructions also on my blog, thanks Heather!)

My first vinyl cut sign using the cricut. I purchased a small kitchen drawer front $.50 @ thrift store, taped it off and painted it with a light green left over paint, and cut out this great quote in white vinyl...not bad for a first project.

Rustic candles, and twin candleholders done in a "shabby" white finish!

My kiddos favorite new hangout now has a door sign!  (It's a "kneewall" room off our upstairs hallway)

Ok, didn't make this one, but it was one of my favorite finds. A Vintage Pin the Tail on the Donkey game kit, complete with fun purple and orange cardboard blindfold:) and for $3 YES! 

$1 Stool + Valentine Red Base + White Vinyl Monogram = A happy laundry room !

This beauty was in the basement of our 1874 home, I have yet to envision it's new look...Any ideas??

Fun Vintage Game in Virginia City...will it say, "YES"? ;)

Captain's chair gets a fun new cottage look!

A bit of spring fever I must admit..."Chubby" is watching to welcome his birdie sign of them yet...soon!

Bought this bookshelf (in major disrepair) at the local ReStore for $1...gave it a white paint job, and now it sits in my girls bedroom!

Whew! It's been busy, and "painty" around here! Hope you are creating, enjoying the peace of keeping to your budget and surrounding yourself with things you love!~Meg

Steeped in Love!

Download and print this page at the bottom of this post:) 8 tags per sheet in lovely  muted neopolitan colors!
Are you ready for a super sweet Valentine's Day idea? Tea for Two! I personally love unique simple gifts with a little vintage flair and this one takes the cake! (or in this case...shortbread!) Thank you to Heather Bullard for posting this fantastic gift idea! 
"Tea For Two|ME & YOU"

"Steeped In Love|Happy Valentines Day!"

Download the printable template here! 

I think this makes a perfect Valentine's Day take home gift from your Valentine party and a thoughtful small gift for your friends & neighbors this Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

$2 Toadstool!

I have been wanting to make one of these for my kiddos since I saw this picture that totally inspired me!  

 So browsing the 1/2 price sale today @ the local Good Sam I spotted a Na-Hasty :) footstool, but could also see the potential for an enchanting, soft, sturdy little toadstool seat! The whole project cost me just $2!!! (since I had scraps of felt, heavy duty staples and some liquid stitch) & I  was able to transform it in just 20 minutes! I am enchanted.;)

Here's how I did it in a nutshell:

Here's the original footstool in all it's upholstered nastiness:)
I flipped it over pulled the felt tight, folding a little as I went and stapled it in place with a heavy duty staple gun...

Here's the finished top!

I used a coffee cup and a lead pencil to trace 5 circles on the white felt I had.
Then using "Liquid Stitch" I put some of the adhesive along the edges and made a big "X" in the middle of each circle...
Here's all the cutie toadstool spots!

The $2 Toadstool finished!

This Saturday fairy tale has a happy ending...the$2 toadstool has a new life in our children's loft play room! I love how this turned out and I also love that I was to transform it in just 20 minutes! I am enchanted:)