Monday, December 6, 2010

Decking the Stairway!

I don't know what it is about a stairway all decked out for Christmas, but it definitely gives me the warm fuzzies:) I grew up in a Folk Victorian with an enclosed stairway (no banister...more like a stair/hallway) with 17 steep stairs I know because I hit all of them multiple times tripping and falling down them as a kid:) So now, we are living (and loving!) our new/ old historic house, and it has a lovely stairway, that has fulfilled a long-time wish in my heart. Last night we bought some "pine" garland and red ribbons, and wrapped the railing, and hung it from the banister. It feels like my very  first Christmas all over again! (we do have a new baby girl celebrating her very first Christmas this year in this house, so it makes it all the more magical!) I am overjoyed this year for all of the wonderful gifts God has given to our family...and after a challenging 2 years trying to sell our yellow house in the country, finally it sold, and here we are basking in a wonderful Christmas FULL and thankful. (and the stairway is all decked to prove it!) Wishing you and yours a JOYFUL Christmas time this year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

No-Sew Burlap Christmas Pillow

I've seen ideas like this around blog-land. I used left over pieces of Burlap, used Aileen's No-Sew, cut out 2 equal pieces, glued 3 sides, glued on the ribbons, and cut out a heart in a lighter color of scrap burlap and glued it. Then stuffed it with plastic grocery bags (great re-use + waterproof if I decide it needs to live out on the porch chairs to welcome guests this Christmas!) I glued the top together and used clothes pins to hold it for about 5 minutes while it dried. Love the festive simplicity!

The Simplest MESS-FREE ornaments EVER!

With some of the left over Burlap from our stockings, we got to gluing some cute little ornaments that my 4 and 7 year old enjoyed.

And also I would have to say the EASIEST and MESS-FREE ornaments EVER!
Candy cane pipe cleaners!!!! 'nuf said:)

Burlap and a Little Compassion.

I have been "tuning" the ears of my heart lately. Listening to hear God, to feel his promptings, and see where it all takes me. I have been crafting like a wild woman lately, a daily project for me and the kids:) I have some Burlap set aside with high hopes of making Christmas Stockings for my family (the first time in 8 years that we will each have our very own stocking!) Seriously, it's time:) I sensed God nudging me to make more stockings, not just for my family, but to be a way to encourage someone else and remind them that they are loved and that they matter. I am not a seamstress, and do not own a sewing machine, so this will be a "no sew" adventure! I am thinking of one gal I met that will get a stocking, but I am open to wherever this burlap compassion project goes!
Here are some pics from some great blogs that I am using as inspiration: the pic above is an idea from HGTV (always a source of inspiration)
Below is from Susie Harris... love her blog and ideas: Susie Harris No-Sew Christmas Stockings
Another favorite, and the design that will probably be like the ones I will be making...
the cuties below from the blog Tattered & Timeless

Would love to see what stockings you have "hung from the chimney with care" :) this Christmas!

MY RENDITION...Alright...need to have a pattern:) this is the first one, and without a pattern the next 5    I make will all look different, so...yeah...making a and learn!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World

We are currently "rowing" (Five in a Row: a cute book called " How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World" It illustrates the origins of common ingredients for baking. Our fun discovery today was that cinnamon comes from the bark of a native tree in Sri Lanka! I love bark on my oatmeal don't you:)

Snowbank Rescue!!!

So not exactly a dumpster diving story, but a snowbank rescue indeed! This table was weathering the cold winter tucked behind a camper in a friends yard, I mentioned it looked like a neat table, and he said I could have it!! WHOO HOO for FREEBIES! I will only put a thin light coat of white paint on this, it is just what I have been looking for for our laundry will have a couple baskets and glass lidded jars on the bottom for detergents, borax, clothes pins...and the top is just the perfect heighth for a 5'3 and 3/4" gal like me for folding & sorting clothes. Will post is still awaiting pick up...I may have to look into another system for picking up my stellar finds, squishing them between the carseats in our van, or the back of our Subaru Outback makes for some exciting trips home:)

Dining Hutch Re-do...NEED YOUR IDEAS!

Craig's List has proved itself once again! I found a great old sturdy dining hutch for $50 (bargained down from $75. BAM!) It is currently warm and cozy in our garage until it warms up enough to sand and paint. I have been debating on antiquing it with white for the old world cottage look, or give it some pop with a colonial red...I will post some before pics, and would love your imput!

The above picture is my inspiration piece which I found on the fabulous blog:

Chubby bird finds a purpose (and a home:)

Today on my deal finds, I came across a cute antique white iron bird, and just knew it had to come to my house:) and for only $6, I couldn't pass it up. It is currently adorning our coffee table  a top a couple vintage copies of LIFE World Library books. He's so happy I am sure I heard him chirping!!!