Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organized My Home Business Office

I was not born an organized person, and it takes great focus and INTENTION on my part to stay organized...I recently started a business that I can work around my 4 children, homeschool, family, & from my home! Talk about needing to get organized, sheesh! So I took a corner of our "side"room a 2nd bedroom off of our kitchen area, and organized a space for me to make phone calls, organize my day/week, catch up on e-mails and facebook, and call my own "PRODUCTIVE SPACE":)
Since I can invite people to use the products I am marketing from anywhere, in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK...I thought I should know the time differences...haha, so I've got my little USA map, (first the THE WORLD!) so I am being courteous of dinnertime and bedtime to the people I am my product catalogs, all neat, some little clothes pins I decopaged with scrap paper for notes, and important info...My business cards are on a fun plate I found thrifting that has all kinds of fabulous global vintage stamps!!! And some Isa Snacks, a little chocolate wafer that helps with cravings and sh-tuff:)

 I've got my goals written with wipe marker on my mirror (did you know you could do that?? LOVE it!) Printer, "ego wall" with my most recent promotion! Extra sharp wooden  pencils with NO eraser...because they are the best! My planner, and cell! Love that I can just grab them both and take this business wherever it takes me! Ready for my new business adventure!!! Check out my new website to see what I am up to!

P.S. I have lost 15 pounds so far using these products and it's only been a month!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hobby Farm.

I grew up on a hobby farm of sorts, a few acres, chickens...
basket of spring chics!
 ... big garden, mom always canning and preserving, and the occasional bottle fed bum lamb, pigmy goat, and horses we would stable for friends.
bottle-feeding a baby (bum) lamb

farmhouse kitchen with fresh cut flowers from the gardens!

the barn

greenhouse, perennials, lovely farmhouse nearby where we live I have been "oogling:)"

 The slower pace of life, drying our own herbs for cooking, medicines, and country roads for running, biking and enjoying nature all around us! The bird singing, the gentle rain, and bubbling of the creek nearby...ahhh...

The old Farmhouse is drawing my eyes and heart too...probably reminisent of the old folk victorian farmhouse I called home the first 18 years of my life. The clawfoot tub for a good long soak after a long day working in the garden, or painting the old barn.

I loved being able to roam around the property, "jump the creek" swing on our rope swing across (as long as I didn't miss and fall in:) Lovely memories. Lately I have been wanting this for my own family. Seeing my children collecting eggs, helping me plant, weed and harvest a larger garden than just our little backyard corner...Seeing my husband fix things around the house, chop wood, be able to relax and fish in the creek! He' s also quite a cook and has been baking artisan sourdough bread from our year old starter we've been keeping and it has been a treat, I have done some canning, refinishing furniture, and decorating our home on a budget, tried herbs from our little herb patch for tea and soups this winter, the girls and I will be making applesauce from apples at a local orchard soon, and maybe pickles, and canned peaches, and raspberry jam too!  I feel like we are just scratching the surface, and the lifestyle we desire could be right around the corner!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drying Herbs from the Garden...

Dill, Sage, Oregano, and Coriander (Cilantro Seeds) Drying on my twine rack

The potting station by my herb garden, drying the first of the herb winter stash! 
September came with a  lovely chill in the morning air this morning, beckoning my old cotton gray sweater out of the recesses of my closet. I grabbed my green scarf off the hook, and a warm drink in hand I headed to meet a friend at a local community-type garden. After chasing kids around, picking loads of peas, admiring the height of the mint plants gone wild, I decided to sit down with the small herb cottage-style herb garden. The rocks were scattering, so I re-stacked the small wall barrier around it. Began to pick weeds, and "volunteer" herbs that had decided to grow where they were not welcome:) The patch looked fantastic, and inspired me to come home and give my own little herb garden some after a little picky-picky and hand raking it looks fantastic! I even got to bundle up some herbs for drying! I found a simple little article I thought I'd share if you are new to the ancient practice of herb drying for kitchen and medicinal use!

There's tons of great info. on herbal teas, herb infused baths, herb honey, cooking, getting well, and thriving with the wonderful herbs and plants God has given us! Such an fresh and wonderful time of year to see the garden in full bloom, and getting ready to plant bulbs for the spring!!