Friday, December 3, 2010

No-Sew Burlap Christmas Pillow

I've seen ideas like this around blog-land. I used left over pieces of Burlap, used Aileen's No-Sew, cut out 2 equal pieces, glued 3 sides, glued on the ribbons, and cut out a heart in a lighter color of scrap burlap and glued it. Then stuffed it with plastic grocery bags (great re-use + waterproof if I decide it needs to live out on the porch chairs to welcome guests this Christmas!) I glued the top together and used clothes pins to hold it for about 5 minutes while it dried. Love the festive simplicity!


  1. that no sew pillow idea is awesome. I love burlap stuff, so now I should get out to the store and get me some burlap

  2. Thanks Miranda! It was fun. i will definitely use more plastic grocery bags next pillow, though. My kids have been playing with it all weekend, and it is flat as a pancake:)My husbands family lives right across the water from you in Victoria. I love to go up and visit, so breathtakingly beautiful! Enjoy your adventures with burlap, Miranda!