Friday, December 3, 2010

Burlap and a Little Compassion.

I have been "tuning" the ears of my heart lately. Listening to hear God, to feel his promptings, and see where it all takes me. I have been crafting like a wild woman lately, a daily project for me and the kids:) I have some Burlap set aside with high hopes of making Christmas Stockings for my family (the first time in 8 years that we will each have our very own stocking!) Seriously, it's time:) I sensed God nudging me to make more stockings, not just for my family, but to be a way to encourage someone else and remind them that they are loved and that they matter. I am not a seamstress, and do not own a sewing machine, so this will be a "no sew" adventure! I am thinking of one gal I met that will get a stocking, but I am open to wherever this burlap compassion project goes!
Here are some pics from some great blogs that I am using as inspiration: the pic above is an idea from HGTV (always a source of inspiration)
Below is from Susie Harris... love her blog and ideas: Susie Harris No-Sew Christmas Stockings
Another favorite, and the design that will probably be like the ones I will be making...
the cuties below from the blog Tattered & Timeless

Would love to see what stockings you have "hung from the chimney with care" :) this Christmas!

MY RENDITION...Alright...need to have a pattern:) this is the first one, and without a pattern the next 5    I make will all look different, so...yeah...making a and learn!

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