Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organized My Home Business Office

I was not born an organized person, and it takes great focus and INTENTION on my part to stay organized...I recently started a business that I can work around my 4 children, homeschool, family, & from my home! Talk about needing to get organized, sheesh! So I took a corner of our "side"room a 2nd bedroom off of our kitchen area, and organized a space for me to make phone calls, organize my day/week, catch up on e-mails and facebook, and call my own "PRODUCTIVE SPACE":)
Since I can invite people to use the products I am marketing from anywhere, in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK...I thought I should know the time differences...haha, so I've got my little USA map, (first the THE WORLD!) so I am being courteous of dinnertime and bedtime to the people I am my product catalogs, all neat, some little clothes pins I decopaged with scrap paper for notes, and important info...My business cards are on a fun plate I found thrifting that has all kinds of fabulous global vintage stamps!!! And some Isa Snacks, a little chocolate wafer that helps with cravings and sh-tuff:)

 I've got my goals written with wipe marker on my mirror (did you know you could do that?? LOVE it!) Printer, "ego wall" with my most recent promotion! Extra sharp wooden  pencils with NO eraser...because they are the best! My planner, and cell! Love that I can just grab them both and take this business wherever it takes me! Ready for my new business adventure!!! Check out my new website to see what I am up to!

P.S. I have lost 15 pounds so far using these products and it's only been a month!!!

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  1. Wow! It’s so great to learn that you were to keep your office organized, and you were able to do your job despite the many ways around to divert your attention at any time. I, too, had an office at home, but it’s not as organize as yours, though I am living alone.

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