Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hobby Farm.

I grew up on a hobby farm of sorts, a few acres, chickens...
basket of spring chics!
 ... big garden, mom always canning and preserving, and the occasional bottle fed bum lamb, pigmy goat, and horses we would stable for friends.
bottle-feeding a baby (bum) lamb

farmhouse kitchen with fresh cut flowers from the gardens!

the barn

greenhouse, perennials, lovely farmhouse nearby where we live I have been "oogling:)"

 The slower pace of life, drying our own herbs for cooking, medicines, and teas...safe country roads for running, biking and enjoying nature all around us! The bird singing, the gentle rain, and bubbling of the creek nearby...ahhh...

The old Farmhouse is drawing my eyes and heart too...probably reminisent of the old folk victorian farmhouse I called home the first 18 years of my life. The clawfoot tub for a good long soak after a long day working in the garden, or painting the old barn.

I loved being able to roam around the property, "jump the creek" swing on our rope swing across (as long as I didn't miss and fall in:) Lovely memories. Lately I have been wanting this for my own family. Seeing my children collecting eggs, helping me plant, weed and harvest a larger garden than just our little backyard corner...Seeing my husband fix things around the house, chop wood, be able to relax and fish in the creek! He' s also quite a cook and has been baking artisan sourdough bread from our year old starter we've been keeping and it has been a treat, I have done some canning, refinishing furniture, and decorating our home on a budget, tried herbs from our little herb patch for tea and soups this winter, the girls and I will be making applesauce from apples at a local orchard soon, and maybe pickles, and canned peaches, and raspberry jam too!  I feel like we are just scratching the surface, and the lifestyle we desire could be right around the corner!

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