Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden ideas coming to life!

 New bird bath with rainbow flower garden!
      Tea garden begins...still looking for chamomile, bergamot, jasmine,& stevia to plant...
 "Berryville"~everbearing strawberries,logan berries, & raspberries
 Fun decor in thr herb garden...chives will be all over this bird cage
 FREE vintage tricycle now home to a lovely little terra cotta!
 Jumbo "wonder pumpkins" labeled by our 1st grader...
 hung the handmade garden swing (with grandpa's help:)
 Bean pole tee pee to wait patiently!   (we've also got a sunflower house growing!)
A couple hanging flower for comfy front porch seating!  (still deciding...porch swing? bistro set? wicker loveseat & table or wooden bench  with pillows?) Veggies are coming in little by little, and the butterfly garden,and "moon garden" too...Loving Spring, picnics,lemonade and dirty fingernails:)

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  1. The pierced panels add a sense of mystery to the garden views that they blur.