Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Book turned NEW Journal for 2011!

She's found her "RE:purpose"

Ragged pages!

Found the "Ex Libris" in another old Reader's Digest book, and had to cut and paste! 

My lovely mess...
Original book

I have seen a few different ways to re-purpose an old book into your own blank journal or sketchbook. I really like to look of keeping the cover intact, and then finding a great cover! We'll today I struck "gold"! God Bless the Vets! I found a cute mid-size hardcover book, that was simply titled "Prayers". PERFECT! I love to write my prayers so this was a find! I cut out the exsisting pages, used scrapbooking paper to redo the cover, made the pages all jagged by just tearing the outside edge, then used an awl and "yarn darner" needle with some white embroidery thread to sew the binding. I am pretty sure there are some better "techniques" out there. For me it was starting and finishing a single project at once:) (the little thing, you know!) So 2 hours, and a fantastic mess on the kitchen counter it is!! Now I just have to remember what I did to show some great ladies in our Craft Group how !!! hahahahaaha:)

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