Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY "Anthropologie" Mason Jar Snow Globes!

My Country Living magazine was here!!! My 8 year old daughter loves to check the mail every day, and she had announced my magazine had arrived. I of course was awaiting it's usual. I mean, who could really not, all those fabulous country images, ideas, inspiration to drink in. So with CL in hand, I kicked my feet up, grabbed my hot cup of Chamomile tea, and dove in. I had a hard time getting past the cover this month...
See what I mean...simple, casual living, starry eyed, I decided I had better at least open it up! Inside I read the story of a lovely couple who decided to forsake city life forever and live their "country dream." 7 acres of fertile land, a refurbished farmhouse, and a lot of diy has made them the proud owners of this living room! (yes, someone ACTUALLY lives here:) So back to snowglobes...
I spotted 3 on a mantle that looked so cute, rustic...and WHAT $55 from Anthropologie!!? A little inspired, and challenged to make some for our home, along with the innovation of my kiddos (they're smarties:) Off thrifting we went to get the supplies we didn't have, out of the garage came the canning jars we had intended to use for that fresh fall applesauce, that never got made (oops;) and the hot glue gun got plugged in to warm up...with a little help from this tutorial from Arielle at a beautiful journey DIY MASON JAR Snow Globe Tutorial and a glittery, sugary, gluey mess later...VOILA!
                                      We have our own "Anthropologie" style snow globes! From there I continued my decorating, and prepping for Thanksgiving...the way I move things around no guarantee it will look like this come dinner time:) but here's what I've been up to today, with all the extra energy I have lately...thanks to a little help from my Isagenix products! (
Giant nut cracke! It works! 

Buffet will be all decked out for Dining!

I even got the menu together...googled somethingeruther, and made it even look cute!'s gonna be epic!
That's all folks, at least for today, gotta say this time of year is full of all kinds of daily adventures waiting to be had! CHEERS to a thankful lovely Thanksgiving feast time at your place! ( I know it will be at my house:)
Megan oxox

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