Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Rainy Sunday Showcase.

It's raining sheets out there! I love the rain, not that we get a lot here in Montana, so I'm reveling in it...while it lasts. And with it being Sunday, grocery shoppings done, fun at the lake has been had, casserole is bubbling away in the oven, laundry's done and  it's the last day of the beautiful month of july...It's the perfect storm for me to take a minute, sip some hot chai, and look back on this month and all that's happened in our little part of the world...We kicked off the month of July welcoming my husbnands parents for a short overnight visit on their drive to Florida and  some dear friends to stay at our home for 4 days...

...three little curly top boys, and their talented musician parents! We enjoyed many meals together, late night deep conversations, laughing at our children playing together, and lots of loud guitars and djembe drums as we sang our hearts out to our Father. Even little E. was joining in the merry-making! (above pic) We prepared our guest room which is something I have always wanted to be able to cheerfully extend hospitality and create a cozy atmosphere in my home for guests to come on short notice.

I wanted to make a cozy space with all the details taken care of, so I made sure there were 2 pillows each (one feather squishy and one firmer one:) Fresh linens, towels just for the guest, all tied together so they know which ones are for them. Bedside table equipped with alarm clock, fresh flowers, and some fun old books. I also put a pretty glass bottle of spring water with two glasses, and a little lidded  bowl with cashews in it, in case they were a little "peckish" from travel. I am planning on making some fun vintage pics of old hotels around the area to make it a personalized guest room...Some other little decor upcycles I've been up to this fine month...

I spray painted my "texas" license plate star white, and like how it turned out! 
With the guest room getting an upgrade, I got our bedroom done too! New drop cloth curtains hing on a double rod, and a fun old "serving tray" travel bar makes it's debute as my new bedside table, with all the late night reading I've been doing scouring the pages of Ben Pasley's new book, let's just say it's come in handy:) 

I found a fabulous roll of late 1800's advertisments printed on some sepia tone wall paper, and had a great time, cutting them to fit some frames I already had, giving our stairway a nice cottage historic look, complete with skeleton keys! (for the dungeon of course!)

This chippy sign was salvaged from a compost pile! I love it, and am do glad my hubby rescued it so  I could give it a new loving home on our wall! It's from historic Reeder's Alley, and a "Reserved Parking Employees Only" for the original Pioneer Cabin on the gold rush gulch...:Last Chance. Glad to offer this chippy cutie a "Second" Chance!
My bookshelf still happily resides inside the fireplace for now! And atop the mantle are all the fabulous radishes that went to seed without producing a radish...grrrr. But don't they look pretty! (always a silver lining, right?)

Close up of one of the fabulous vintage print ADS this one is for No. 4711 Crab Apple Cologne...Love!

Ok, not risque, at first glance you may think this is a nude-y but NO, it's a cutie little girl getting ready to soap up in a little river waterfall. CUTE:) Pears Soap, the captions says "Our Baby" This is an actual 1891 photograph of the creators of Pear's Soaps daughter. Lovely.

There's definitely  more that I've been up to with my family, but that's all for now! 

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